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Low noise wind chassis and ordinary air box contrast

Low noise wind box compared with the commonly used wind chassis equipment is a new type of wind power source, with a large amount of air, low noise, power consumption, easy on-site disassembly and so on.
1. Large air volume: low noise windbox with a multi-directional inlet and outlet, air volume, wind pressure selection range. Meet a variety of needs.
2. Low noise: This is an important difference between the low noise wind box and the ordinary air box. The low noise wind box adopts the low noise centrifugal fan. The unit has the characteristics of low noise and small vibration, so as to minimize the noise.
3. High efficiency: low noise wind chassis using advanced CAD software developed by multi-objective optimization design, after testing that the efficiency of the fan is higher than 80%, and has the characteristics of flat curve of efficiency is conducive to energy conservation.
4. Easy installation: low noise wind box machine with all-metal removable frame and the end of the insulation sound-absorbing panels, can be directly connected with the duct or wall installation, installation can be vertical or horizontal. Saving the floor area to a great extent. Can be on-site disassembly, placement flexibility, a large extent to save the area.

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